Flash Online Conference #13

Hey guys!

We’ve finished Flash Online Conference #13! It was really amazing event with a lot of great talks. We talked about Flash Platform Roadmap Update, Starling, Feathers, Genome2D, Roboblast Planet tech, Starling Builder.

Record is here!

1) “Roadmap Update” – Chris Campbell
2) “Starling 2.0” – Daniel Sperl

3) “Feathers” – Josh Tynjala

4) “What’s new in Genome2D” – Peter Shtif Stefcek
5) “The tech behind RoboBlastPlanet” – Javier Abud

6) “Extending Starling Builder” – Johann Huang

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See you soon on the next Flash Online Conference #14!

Thank you!

P.S. You can find all previous records here at the bottom.

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