Flash Online Conference #10


We’ve finished Flash Online Conference #10! It was really excited event and really long awaited because we had a delay for 6 months, but we are here and ready to continue these meetings with Adobe engineers and community leaders. A lot of announces had been introduced during this conference from Adobe and engine developers. Please enjoy the record.

Record is here!

Chris Campbell – Update on recent releases and roadmap
Chandra Prakash – VideoTexture support on iOS
Neha Gupta – Improve your mobile game’s discovery using Adobe AIR Cross Promotion service
Ajay Kumar Shukla – What’s new in Flash Professional CC
Rob BatemanAway3D
Daniel Sperl – Starling Framework
Josh TynjalaFeathers 2.0
Ariel NehmadFlare3D
Zwetan KjukovRedtamarin

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See you soon on the next Flash Online Conference #11!!!

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