Sparticle Editor and Particle Effect Contest

Sparticle is a profession GUI tool, based on one of the most popular 3D engines in Flash, Away 3D. This high-performance and GPU-accelerated tool is ideal for game-effect designers who want to develop complex 3D effects for their games.

I have tried it by self and I want to say that it’s really mature particle system with convenient and intuitive interface. Here you can setup emitters, particle geometry, materials, create custom events and even write Lua scripts!

Lua usage example:

Sparticle ScreenShot

Sparticle Tutorial Links

Don’t forget to join Sparticle particle effect Contest to Win iPad Air!
Deadline of Submit Entries is March 1, 2014 11:59 P.M. PDT

Here is my particle effect for the contest!)

Thank you!

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