Flash Online Conference #7


It was a really amazing online meeting, filled up by a lot of experience and useful content. Thank to all of you guys for the amazing year of 2013. With your help, we’ve created the strongest Stage3D community with a lot of experts( 1286 people 😀 ) and seven online meetings. so, if you are flash-developer, please, don’t forget to join us.

Record is here!

1) “Zest3D – New API Overview and Public Beta” – Gary Paluk – Slides
2) “Genome2D – 2.0 and what is coming” – Peter “shtif” Stefcek – Slides
3) “Flare3D – Custom Rendering Pipelines” – Ariel Nehmad – Slides
4) “Minko: targeting Flash/Stage3D with C++ and GLSL” – Jean-Marc Le Roux – Slides

See you next year!
Happy Holidays!

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