Flash Online Conference #6

We are done with the 6th Flash Online Conference. It was really interesting content mix. We’ve learned a lot about Citrus and Rave AI engines, Uber-shaders in GLSL, Particle System in Genome2D Engine, cool TypeScript language introduction for as3 flash-developers and all about the physics in games.

Record is here!

1) Aymeric Lamboley “Citrus Engine, from zero to ninja”
2) Jean-Marc Le Roux “Minko: targeting Flash/Stage3D with C++ and GLSL” – Slides
3) Peter “shtif” Stefcek “Genome2D: Advanced particle systems”
4) Gary Paluk and Karim Beyrouti “Away3D TypeScript” – Slides
5) Ariel Nehmad “A different approach for handling physics and collision detection in games”

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Thank you guys for your participation in it. See you soon, on the next meeting #7!

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  1. […] these great community events. You can get more details about this session from Sergey’s blog post or click the link below to view the recorded […]

  2. […] On 11th October, we participated to the Flash Online Conference #6, it introduces the Citrus Engine and present RaveAI 2D which will be added into CE V3.2. The record is here. […]

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