Online Meeting with Adobe

I thought that it would be great to organize such event for flash-developers and I’m done. the next meeting with guys from Adobe will be on the 14th June 18:00 GMT(11am PDT). We will talk about tools, flash player roadmap, also after every talk we have Q&A. if you can’t come on the 14th June, please, ask questions in the comments below for guys from Adobe.

Bill Howard
Group Product Manager, Flash Runtimes

Renaun Erickson
Evangelist at Adobe

Thank you! Please come!

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16 Responses to “Online Meeting with Adobe”

  1. amerdabaneh says:

    Any plans for adobe Air on Windows mobile?

  2. Valera Bohan says:

    When we will get multi threads support in Google Chrome FP and AIR on mobile?

  3. ATF формат, обещали улучшения для 2D игр, да сами ATF Tools сыроваты

  4. renderhjs says:

    What is Adobe’s response and standpoint on Unity’s view of Flash (Sunsetting Flash)?

    I am one of the flash and unity devs that in particular would like to hear a response from Adobe on their future of the Flash runtime, why they axed Flash Player next and why several flash people at adobe left the flash department (e.g. Thibault Imbert). In short what is the long term future for flash if there is one from Adobe’s perspective.

  5. Bill Brown says:

    Thanks for organizing all this Sergey! Appreciate your work keeping the Flash community vibrant.

  6. Any news on Flash Builder? Adobe is going to have apps on Creative Cloud, but no one talk about FB CC in Adobe MAX, if there is no other news on FB, people will start to thought Adobe is going to abandon FB…

  7. Elliot Geno says:

    I would like to emphasize the importance of AIR in agency life. Adobe did such a wonderful job building new telemetry tools, and advancements in Flash player and AIR runtimes… Yet has such inept support for marketing and PR of the platform!

    Flash player was working quite well on Android. Especially when you know what you are doing. And these phones are just getting faster and faster! Flash mobile works better on my Galaxy S3 than some older machines in my office! But I am afraid is too late for Flash… At least under Adobe wing.

    AIR, on the other hand, is a completely different story! Targeting multiple platforms with one code base, a great language, a creative environment, and terrific performance! It beats the living shit out of PhoneGap and is damn near native. This really turns our clients heads! Cheaper. Faster. More performant! It should be an easy sell, yet Adobe keeps jamming this PhoneGap shit down our throats. We still taste the shit though! And that’s the only real hang up with selling it to clients. It’s not even backed by Adobe.

    The sooner Adobe sells Flash platform off to another company, the safer we all are. Adobe keeps shitting the bed.

  8. John Olson says:

    Q: What is the future of AIR on desktop, in particular, GPU accelerated StageVideo?
    Q: At one point, it was mentioned ( by Thibault I think), about Stage3d getting a transparent background so we could layer Stage3d on top of StageVideo. Is this still on the roadmap at all?

  9. I had a chance to talk to Renaun at MAX and the general feeling is that JS is the way ahead for flash – Starling, Feathers, Away3D and Scout is doing the JS … and Adobe’s foresight is that games on mobile/tables will eventually move away from the appstore and into the mobile browser…

    as i see it and many other game developers I talked to – this is bs… for one good reason – kids don’t know what safari/ the browser is on tablets or mobile – the browser on tablets is for pure information such as food recipes, weather rapports and to some extend shopping – in other words: adult stuff you need to read and write to be able to use.

    kids at two, knows how to work the app store – and yes we need that password – if the games move to the browser, its going to be the wild west regarding in-app purchases and security –

    its good to have all the games at one place…

    and besides that webgl is not coming to mobile safari – it is against their business strategy, like the way it was for flash…
    and js was not meant for 100.000 lines projects

    some of the most skilled game developers who embrace html5 agrees that html5 is not ready for games (bigger than a lab demo) or will be within the next 3 years – and this is only the tech – after that comes the adoption rate of the general users and devices…

    at the end of the day – the community moves in a flash direction, adobe moves in a JS direction –

    who is screaming for html5 ? executives, salespeople, decision makes and frontend developers… who is using adobes products ? – the creatives and game developers – if you ask any skilled frontend developers, they say that they use all kinds of non adobe products for their working environment – so who are adobe really trying to please here ? – people who want adobe to move in a html5 direction, but don’t use their products and won’t use their products…

    if you ask any flash or animator what they think of adobe edge it is definitely a wage answer they will come up with… the tool is great at what it can do but its just so far from what we want in terms of features and final reach (no IE) – and the frontend developers I talk to don’t trust the code output – most of them want to do the animation themselves with jquery –

    I personally think adobe egde and reflow looks very promising – get some creative hands on those html5 projects, is the right direction – but if the developers won’t embrace the tools in a professional working environment. then we are back to “project flash catalyst” which was a huge failure because of the same reasons, devs wanted to write their own code

  10. Oh and regarding Unity and flash: isn’t it clear Unity has their own upcoming web-plugin to maintain and they are moving into 2D games, so at the end of the day – flash has become a more direct competitor… as of Jobs “Thoughts on flash” – its all business – and if they can start some hype about flash is dead – it will most definitely gain their cause …

    regarding “Flash Player Next”
    The Unity guys most likely had some hopes for flash player NEXT – i think all game developers did… but adobes focus went in the JS direction – so first Adobe wanted flash to become a robust game engine – and then they shifted their focus to JS – so they pissed of the game development community to please whom ?

    So who IS actually killing flash ?

    In my opinion you will get two different “Thoughts on flash” if you Interview Tom Krcha vs Renaun Erickson…

  11. renderhjs says:

    @PHILIP THONBOSA: Thanks for your comments, its sad but it might mean that Adobe dies for me on the developer end and for many others. I talked at the GDC at the Adobe stand about my frustrations with Adobe’s lack of direction for the Flash IDE, platform and future. To my surprise they were surprised :\ but didn’t clearly know how to respond upon asking the Premium license disaster, the cluttered IDE ever after Flash MX and what their take was on Unity.

    I would be nice if there was a more official answer to the downhill of Flash and their future plans.

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  13. pixelbender says:

    Will the Captain America save the Flash?

  14. vikramarka says:

    Will Air mobile support Pixel Blender kernels?

  15. sirsnyder says:

    When will float/float4 be released? It has been added to tamarin in 2011

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