Stage3D Online Conference #1

It was awesome event. Thank you guys for coming!
Conference record is here
1) Sergey Gonchar
2) Daniel Freeman – MC3D, slides
3) Jean-Marc Le Roux – Minko, slides
4) Rob Bateman – Away3D, slides
5) Gary Paluk – Zest3D, slides
6) Peter Shtif Stefcek – Genome2D
7) Ariel Nehmad – Flare3D, slides

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and of course a few photos 🙂

Visit Gonchar Website.

5 Responses to “Stage3D Online Conference #1”

  1. kihu says:

    Thanks for doing this. I couldn’t watch the whole thing, but the presentations I attended were very interesting!

  2. abiyasa says:

    Thanks for the slides!

    I read Rob Bateman’s slide & quite surprised to see Away3D.JS on the last slide. I guess Adobe is moving silenty to HTML5/JavaScript 🙂

  3. Silently? They most definitely aren’t doing it silently. They hack and slash at Flash every odd day. Let’s hope next JS version will be inspired by AS3. I can’t stand this prototypal crap.

  4. abiyasa says:

    @eaflash: You’re right, they’re not doing it silently anymore. I just found out that even Thibault Imbert, one of my fav Flash evangelists, has switched to HTML5/JS.

    Have you tried TypeScript? It looks promising & close enough to AS3.

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