Alternativa3D start template with orbit camera

Hi! I want to share with you my start template. With this template I start all my experiments with Alternativa3D. It’s very useful.
I prepare for you FDT and FlashBuilder template.
To install it in FDT go to Window->Preferences->FDT->Editor->Templates->New
To install it in FlasBuilder go to Window->Preferences->FlasBuilder->Editors->Code Templates->ActionScript->New

And there is Main class for others.

Visit Gonchar Website.

2 Responses to “Alternativa3D start template with orbit camera”

  1. Pablo says:

    Cool, thanks for sharing!

  2. xieshengfly says:

    Cool!I made a eidter too,but I don‘t konw that how to drag Object in 3d scene。

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